How to Join the Valley of Calgary

First, you must be a a Master Mason in good standing, preferrably in a lodge under the Grand Lodge of Alberta.
You do not need to be a Master Mason in good standing, you are encouraged to apply for membership in the Rite without awaiting a specific invitation. You may ask a Scottish Rite friend for a petition form or contact the Secretary for an application or further information.double headed eagle colour

You must be a permanent resident of Canada and not a member of any other Scottish Rite jurisdiction.


Once you apply, the Valley of Calgary will inquire into your character and Masonic standing through the use of investigating or membership committees.  The Valley ballots on all candidates.

Minimum fees and dues have been established by the Supreme Council, but Valleys have the right to increase such fees and dues as needs indicate. There are initiation fees and dues required for all three bodies within the Valley. Please contact a member in the Valley for complete financial information and individual Valley benefits.

If you’re interested in joining the Scottish Rite Valley of Calgary, please click here.