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The Calgary Lodge of Perfection confers the 4th to the 14th degrees inclusively. These degrees continue the story of the building of King Solomon’s Temple, and amplify and conclude the legend of the Master Mason degree. They are designed to impress more forcefully the teachings of the first three degrees.













Greg Stewart

Thrice Puissant Grand Master 2017-18


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                         2014 Lodge of Perfection Officers


4th degree team and candidates














                         2015 Lodge of Perfection Class and Candidates                                                                                                                                        


The Calgary Delta Chapter of Rose Croix confers the 15th to 18th degrees inclusively. The 15th and 16th degrees relate to the rebuilding of the Second Temple of Zerubbabel. The 17th and 18th degrees are a recognition of the Christian ethics in universal terms, thus assisting in the building, in our hearts, of the Third Temple, not made with hands. The 18th degree is supplemented by the beautiful Maundy Thursday and Easter ceremonies.




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irwin vines 

Irwin Vines

Most Wise Sovereign 2016-2017

 15° Knight of the East or Sword
16° Prince of Jerusalem
17° Knight of the East and West
18° Knight Rose Croix